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Alternative Acoustic Celtic Music

Stonecraft are a musical collaboration between multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Andy Morgan and guitarist and singer/ songwriter Viil Fjose. ​The sound is acoustic based, blending guitar with traditional Celtic instruments and strong vocal harmonies which showcase their song-writing abilities.   The two singer-songwriters have developed their own unique style and write and perform their own songs and instrumentals. The sound has been developed from a wide variety of influences, Andy starting up as an electric guitarist who developed a love for Welsh and Celtic traditional music and Viil coming from a classical background with roots in the traditional music of Norway.

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Album Reviews

  • Review by Fireworks Magazine

    This short (32 minute) acoustic album (apparently their third) from the duo of Andy Morgan (vocals guitars, bass, bouzouki and cittern) and Viil Hov Fjøse (vocals and guitar) is an utterly compelling proposition for andy Fireworks reader who enjoys gentle, slightly ethereal music o folk rock sensibilities, with more than a smidgeon of traditional Celtic folk, a dash of Blackmore's Night: in fact you'll find quite a variety of influences at work here. Read more

  • Review by FolkWorld

    Stonecraft is a folk duo who, although located in France, spent time in South Wales performing their original yet familiar Celtic based material. The acoustic guitars, citterns, and bouzoukis ring out with resonant assurance. The male lead vocals are like a light Martin Cockerham (Spirogyra), yet when the female harmonies in “Secret World” kick in, you have all the luscious qualities that you would find in Dulcimer or Magna Carta, or even Spirogyra. Read more>

  • Review by Classic Rock Society Magazine

    Welsh/Norwegian duo Stonecraft, now based in France, release this, their third album. The duo, Andy Morgan (guitars, bass, bouzouki, cittem) and Viil Hov Fjose (vocals and guitar), over the ten tracks plough their own unique musical furrow. It's a blend of Welsh Celtic folk and Norwegian folk music that creates something new and exciting. With Viil' s soft beautiful vocals soaring over Andy's musical backdrops, this collection of eight songs and two instrumentals, is a thing of beauty. Read more

  • Review by Get Ready To Rock

    Having established their distinctive acoustic sound – created by vocal harmonies combined with Celtic instruments such as cittern and bouzouki – on the local circuit in South Wales, they developed it further on travels throughout France, Spain and Norway resulting in a sound that merges traditional European folk with rock in a manner not dissimilar at times to Steeleye Span. Read more

  • Review by FolkWords

    Slightly ethereal, threadlike folk whispering engaging tales through gentle vocals and inspired scintillating strings - that’s the new album ‘Behind the Door’ from acoustic duo Stonecraft. Their music reflects influences from deep-set roots that combine the essence of misty Welsh mountainss with olden echoes from Norway built on the expansive songwriting and musicianship of Andy Morgan (vocals, 6/12 string guitar, bass, bouzouki, cittern) and Viil Hov Fjose (vocals, guitar).There’s an elusive, otherworldly edge to their self-penned songs that echoes ancient Celtic inspirations and narratives yet at the same time their songs expound contemporary themes and messages. Read more

  • Review by Bright Young Folk

    Stonecraft is a duo comprising Andy Morgan and Viil Hov Fjose, singer-songwriters influenced by Celtic and Norwegian traditions. The pair met while playing in a country covers band, and while on Behind the Door - their third album - there’s little evidence of any lingering influence from that particular genre, it’s clear Morgan and Fjose have bonded musically throughout their time playing together.Fjose’s acoustic guitar tends to provide the backbone of a song, with multi-instrumentalist Morgan adding pleasing texture with cittern or bouzouki. His solo on Deadbeat comes out of nowhere, turning a fairly stately opener into something more frantic and exciting. Read more

  • Review by Acousic FM

    Stonecraft are a duo comprising Welshman Andy Morgan and Norwegian Viil Fjose. On this, their debut album, they blend together folk and roots influences form their homelands with a fair degree of success. There’s a good mixture of styles and songs, with the haunting ‘One more shadow’ remaining with you for a while afterwards. A fine debut that shows much promise. Read more

  • Reviw Leicester Bangs

    Well this, potentially, is an unusual record. Stonecraft are the duo of Andy Morgan and Viil Fjose, and they play traditional and original folk songs, which they claim, are a combination of Celtic, bluegrass, British and Norwegian roots influences.On paper, it's surely going to be either an inspired cross-pollination of diverse music cultures, coming together to create something quite unique and special, or a complete mess of ideas and conflicting techniques. Read more

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